Just wanted to let you know that they both were much more calm and happy when they got home. They were exhausted but played with toys and ran around the yard. Totally opposite from last Christmas. I was so relieved. They will definitely be back for another visit. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of them this time.

Marilyn Stevens

We have been using The Big Dog House to board our pets for six years and have been delighted with the level of care and kindness that Lorrie and the staff have shown to our beloved animals. We have boarded one of our cats and several of our dogs who at times have been in the midst of rehabilitation from surgery as well as one in her twilight years requiring more intensive hospice care. We routinely board our children (dogs and cats) with them and find that their accommodations and kennels are spacious and impeccably clean and well maintained. We never have to worry while on travel because we know our kids are in the best hands back home with The Big Dog House team!

Lorie and Kevin

I discovered the Big Dog House in 2003 when I lived in the 380 corridor. At that time I traveled regularly for business. I was very apprehensive about leaving my doggy kiddos with anyone, but Lorrie and her crew quickly put me at ease. The first few times that I boarded my dog at the Big Dog House, I checked in by phone regularly. Lorrie was always very patient with me an assured me that my pups were doing well. I’ve been boarding my dogs with Lorie and The big Dog House for 12 years now. She’s seen Jacob grow into an old man and she knew Leah, who passed July 2013, her entire life. My dogs were always very excited when I dropped them off with Lorrie, and well rested when I picked them up. I relocated to Plano in 2009, and continued to board with the Big Dog House. I boarded Jake there last November. Lorrie and her staff did a great job as usual. There are other options in my area, but I never considered changing. My dog’s safety and happiness are too important to me, and I trust Lorrie and The Big Dog House completely. The peace of mind I have is well worth the 70 mile round trip. The pricing is absolutely fair also. I believe she offers real value for me and my dogs.

I will continue to use The Big Dog House as long as Jacob is with me, and I highly recommend them for your boarding needs too. The Big Dog House is the best!

Brad B. Plano TX

The Big Dog House has saved my life on multiple occasions and is always willing to adjust to me and my dog, Scarlett’s needs! I don’t know what I would do without them. While juggling a busy working and traveling schedule, they make it possible for me to be away without worry; knowing that my best friend is in the best hands possible. Scarlett is always so excited to go back! A big thank you to the Big Dog House!

Veronica and Scarlett

I want to say that I love the Big Dog House and Lorrie Buckingham and Mom. I met Lorrie 9 years ago when I got a new 4 week old Boxer puppy. I needed “daycare” for her since I worked full time. Rita, my Boxer stayed at the Big Dog House every weekday for several months. She learned good socialization, and basic commands just from the full daily attention and love. I enjoyed getting to visit the Big Dog House twice a day and see such a happy place : )

I was also able to work part time for Lorrie for some extra money helping with the kennel care and office accounting. Literally from top to bottom, Lorrie has a great business that she dearly loves and enjoys and it shows through the happy puppies to the relaxed clients that know their babies are getting great care while they are away.

My boss at my full time job brought his dog to Lorrie during the summers when his family was traveling. “Lucky” was very happy even being at the kennel for several weeks at a time. It was her home away from home!

When I went to the hospital to have my first baby boy, I drove from Sherman to The Big Dog House (100 miles round trip) to let Lorrie care for Rita and my new Boston Terrier puppy. It was so comforting and relaxing to know that my OTHER babies were being loved and cared for while I got settled with my newborn son. I knew they were not locked in a cage but in a nice kennel with constant attention and several times to play.

Just recently, I left my Boston Terrier and a new puppy I rescued from the shelter with Lorrie while we went skiing. Living in Anna now, I drove the 70 miles round trip just to make sure my dogs would have great care I trust. My dogs were happy to be there as if they were getting a vacation too! My new puppy was less jumpy and a bit more obedient it seemed when I got him back home. Lorrie recommended a special food bowl to help my new puppy not INHALE his food. He needed to gain some weight and with the new bowl, he is slower to eat and is really filling out well. He also doesn’t get as much socialization as I would like and I think being at the Big Dog House helped him learn a little bit!!

The Big Dog House is a fabulous place to board your dogs because they truly care and want to make sure your dogs are happy. (which then makes you happy!)

Ela Pounds



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